Thursday, August 13, 2009

9 Day Pellicle? Sure!

While moving some of my carboys around, my newest sour really caught my eye. After primary died down in about 3 days, it has been really starting to show signs of a pellicle, almost by the hour. This is the first opportunity I had to take a picture, at 9 days. I'm really looking forward to the direction of this beer and what to use the cake for. I'm leaning towards a fruited lambic type, but haven't decided on what fruit. Either way, I'm pretty psyched to see how this turns out, and hopefully my most active pellicle to date. I'll slap on an airlock in a few days and leave it in primary for at least month before racking. Has anyone else built up dregs from a commercial sour and see such activity? And, how has your beer turned out?

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