Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Comp. Results: Montgomery Country State Fair

After a bit of back and forth with the coordinator of receiving my score sheets (due to a wrong address), I finally got back my results. I had entered three of my beers: Brett L stout, Mango Chipotle and the Berliner Weisse. Of the three, the most surprising was the Berliner; as you remember from one of my previous posts I was a bit dissapointed with the results. The Berliner was slammed for being a gusher, infected, having overly present band-aid phenols, and a muddy appearance. I attempted to counter with the coordinator that should have tried the other bottle because of a possible isolated bottle infection. However, because of their 2 bottle limit, they did not. I still find the beer to be perfectly clear, having a clean lemony aroma but I understand the acid isn't super clean with some slight off flavors. But, nothing near undrinkable.
The Brett stout and Mango Chipotle were the final beers in the Specialty Beer category's flight. Very much in that state they were extremely sparse in verbal descriptions of the beers. For both I got "Obvious Brett aroma", "Close to a Lambic". Obviously, these judges were either palate fatigued or ignorant to brett beers and decided not to expand on their descriptions. Nonetheless, both beers scored quite well with the Brett Stout receiving a 32 and the Mango Chipotle a 39, and placing first for its category. The judges didn't seem to find the formers' combination of brett and stout as complimentary of each other while the latter had many flavors that were complimentary and integral to the final beer.
Overall, I'm a little dismayed by the competition. I think the judges did a poor job of finding the flaws and merits of each beer in an objective manner. However, I'm still happy to have a blue ribbon hanging on a magnet on the fridge.

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  1. Congrats on the first place! I thought the Mango Chipotle and the Brett Stout were both phenomenal!