Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poll Results: Competitions

I'm still on my short break from brewing, so not a whole lot is going on in the brewery. I racked the Christmas saison to condition for a few weeks and bottled the Oat Wine. I opened the first bottle of the latter yesterday, and it was quite tasty, but definitely needs some more time. I've also taken a short trip out of town, and as most know in the restaurant business, that means lots of make up time at work, so it's inhibited some brewing related tasks.
On the topic of the poll, it seems like folks either enter sparingly, or never. I'm not surprised given the type of brewing I do, and the followers I have. For the most part, the majority of what I brew would have to be entered into the Specialty Category which is a catchall and a difficult one to master. I'm still awaiting the score sheets from my latest entries, but I will certainly post them when I can. According to BJCP it doesn't look like I'll have many upcoming opportunities to judge locally, so it'll be several months before I make it to the next comp. I'm hoping to enter a few into next years NHC in addition to traveling to Minneapolis to see and experience it. For now, it's about it. I'll be brewing next week and trying out a "no-chill" method on the beer, will certainly post something about it.

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