Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tasting: Berliner Weisse

Berliner weisses are meant to be drunk quite young and fresh, but given their soured nature (and consequently lowered pH), they can also be given quite a bit of age. So far the the kegging experiment has been going great. I've shared plenty of beer and had my share as well. I also bottled a couple bombers using the converted bottling wand that many home brewers recommend (as opposed to a counterpressor filler/beer gun) with great success. Today, in DC, the weather is a pretty hot and humid one, perfect for a thirst quenching Berliner.
Aroma: A very sharp, lemony tartness comes through first followed by a light, wheaty like spiciness. Quite clean aside from that with a touch of yeasty bread (like freshly fermented bread dough).
Appearance: Hazy, very pale straw color. Not especially cloudy, but not really clear either. A healthy half inch of bright white head forms with first pour, but slowly dissipates to a tracing.
Flavor: First notes on the palate are basically a flood of sharp acidity, lemony (like Warheads) in nature. It is followed by some raw grain, like a mellowed Wheaties. Virtually no hop aroma, flavor, or bitterness. Very clean in the finish without a lingering sourness that a Flander's Red can render.
Mouthfeel: I've attempted to carbonate this as high as possible, but I'm happy where it is (served and carb'd around 15 PSI). Finishing with a higher than normal gravity, it has a medium low body with prickly carbonation that sets off the sourness. Some slight chewy grainy flavor lingers after swallowing.
Overall: I'm much happier with this Berliner than my previous attempt. It is cleaner, more sour, light and just so drinkable. I find it comparable to a more tart Sprite: cold, highly carbonated, (touch of alcohol) and refreshing. I can't wait to use the dregs for my upcoming Gose (in addition to WLP300 and probably some Brett). Mike is using some dregs from this for his Berliner. I hope his turns out just as good, or better than mine.
Recipe and Notes.
I was able to get about 16 bottles, so I'll be able to sit on this one for the coming months to see how it ages.

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