Thursday, July 2, 2009

No Brewing Today

In an effort to not overdo my amount of brewing, I took this week off. I think I may try and brew less this summer due to weather. The basement is running around 74-75 now and it's become difficult to keep my fermentation in the 60s. As you can see from the upcoming brews section, I have a couple interesting ones I'm working on. The first is my shot at a 20%+ abv. beer. I've been inspired by several threads on BA and to give it a try. Johnny Max (BrewCrazy) and Sean Paxton of the Homebrew Chef have fairly detailed attempts. The former has tried to do it all grain with no sugar while Paxton uses 40% sucrose. Both Sam Adams (Utopias) and Dogfish (120min IPA) use a large proportion of sugar in their beers, upwards of 40% of fermentables. I'm going to shoot for something in between, about 15%. Otherwise, I'm more or less following Johnny Max's procedure. All the details will come next week. Today I started off by making a 2L starter of WLP099 which will then go into a 4L on Sunday. This is likely far too little yeast, but it's what I'm going to do. I also kegged up the Gose today and bottled two gallons just like the Berliner. As far as salt, I ended up adding 11gm to the 2gal of bottles and 16gm to about 4.5gal into the keg. I didn't taste either blends, so who knows what'll happen. It's just how I roll. Since I had plenty of time and sanitizer already mixed up, I also bottled the mango chipotled beer. Here's a pic of how it looked, pretty gross. The mango puree was mostly floating on top, but some was on the bottom. Luckily most of it settled out in the bottling bucket and I labeled the chunky bottles accordingly. I'll give em a couple weeks and then crack one open to see how it's doing. So far it's quite spicy and the mango gives it a nice fruity fullness. The brett is mostly in the background, but it provides some funk.

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