Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Poll Results: Styles

I gave the poll a few weeks this time and managed 22 votes. It seems most folks are all over the place in what they brew. Personally, as you can see in "What's Brewing", I make all kinds of beers. Lately, it's been mostly soured/funked beers, but I like to have some more simple, low gravity brews on tap. Coming up, I'm making my second ever mead, a red currant melomel and a bitter hopped with all Centennial hops. The brew warehouse downstairs is moving along a bit more quickly given the warmer temperatures. I took some samples with everyone else last week and the funky Belgian stout is taking a nice tart turn since being racked onto bugs in December 08. The oat wine is moving along just fantastically, I can't wait to bottle it in another month and be drinking it for Thanksgiving. The Oud Bruin is starting to take on some lactic funk, and the vanilla wine beer will probably be bottled in another month or so. The Monster is moving along steadily, I have 6 more jars to add before I start adding sugar. I think I will make a big batch of sugar syrup and can that to add every day like the wort. Other than those two upcoming beers/meads I won't be brewing a whole lot the rest of the summer as it's getting increasingly difficult to keep temperatures down. Tastings are coming up of the two taps, and the Mango Chipotle which I bottled a couple weeks ago.


  1. Hmm becareful with the currants, I have a black currant mead that is ~4yrs old that I still dont like, its too tart (in a weird way) and for some strange reason reminds me of sour tomato juice

  2. I've used this red currant puree in both jam and gelees and it turns out really well, I don't see it being overly tart. I can always try to backsweeten since I'll be kegging it. I'll be using 71B for yeast; what is your experience with it?